DALSMA is an annual international conference about Digital Architecture and Large Scale Media Art.

It's specific goal is to inspire people and increase their awareness of the variety of ways we can begin re-thinking modern cities.

platoon kunsthalle
8.30 pm - 2 am
fRIDAY june 3, 2011
8.30 pm - 2 am
platoon kunsthalle

PLASMACK is a social party co-organized by DALSMA, PLATOON Kunsthalle and Seoul HACKERSPACE, which will take place at PLATOON, on Friday 3 June, 2011 from 8.30 pm to approximatively 2 am.

PLASMACK not only serves as a welcoming party for the DALSMA 2011 event (Saturday, 4 June), but it is also the occasion for us to create a dynamic community interested in media art “in the large”, meaning interactive media pieces in various social settings.

For this reason, PLASMACK is not the usual type of party. We will have several performances, live music, DJs and VJs, interactive social games with free drinks (created by DALSMA and Hackerspace), and of course a lot of networking with cool people and the DALSMA speakers and  artists!

PLASMACK is free and no registration is required. Just come and bring your friends!


8.30 - 11

  1. Music with DJ and VJ

  2. Social games with some free drinks for early comers

  3. DALSMA artists and speakers

11 - 11.30

  1. Interactive musical performance by DALSMA (Will Craig and Noah Shibley) and Daham Park.

11.30 - 2 am

  1. Music with DJ and VJ

  2. Networking time